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Since 1891, SSP Architects has carefully honed our sustainable architecture services to serve the specific and complex needs of our clients. We are a top commercial architectural firm in NJ that can provide you with the best architectural services and expert consultations to successfully manage your project from start to finish.

As a full-scope architectural firm, our team of expert architects, designers, sustainability specialists, and support staff are specifically trained to assess goals and align them with architectural planning best practices.

We provide a wide range of architectural consulting services, from the most basic to the wildly complex. Our architects have a time-tested, proven, and professionally-honed set of skills. What this means for you is that we’ve seen it all and can help you avoid the project pitfalls that often cause delays.

Every project is unique—architectural firms need to be able to handle many moving parts while keeping a project on track. Fortunately, we have created the standard for modern architectural project management.

Through our proprietary Flexible Project Methodology™, our responsive team of NJ-based architects has developed budget-aligned processes designed specifically to improve efficiencies, outcomes, and expectations. We will get you there. 

Among other architectural consulting services, SSP offers specialized “Return to Work” Architectural Consulting Services for businesses looking to bring their staff back into the office during COVID-19 and after the pandemic. The architects at SSP help businesses of all types, commercial or institutional, to get them back in their work environments with safety protocols and health precautions in mind.

As part of our “Return to Work” planning services, our architectural consultants review and implement the following processes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Rethinking of existing floor plans for COVID friendly spacing and social distance practices.
  • Creating separation between desks and workspaces. Facilitation of healthy hygiene practices.
  • Installation of hand washing/sanitizing stations.
  • Establishing protective equipment guidelines.
  • Improvements to physical environments for workers/staff.
  • Enhancement of indoor air purification/filtration.
  • System preparedness action plans.
  • Monitor contractor/vendor health and reported cases.
  • Controlling visitor access.

Let’s talk about your project and goals.

We’re confident that our architectural consultants and team of project specialists can help you find the best path to success. Reach out today and we can have a quick, no-risk, zero-commitment architectural services conversation to get you started.

When you take on a project as important as a new construction project, you don’t want to leave things up to chance. Our firm has over 100 years of experience, and we’ll make sure your construction plan accounts for all key aspects of the process, from start to finish.

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