Jay Perantoni


The Detailer

Unlike almost any other architect in the state, Jay understands how buildings go together.  Even beyond understanding, Jay respects how materials work together, and the careful detailing required to create a solid, watertight envelope.  In this regard, Jay serves as a technical mentor to many of the SSP architects and designers, helping them to think creatively about how best to solve difficult or tricky details.

As a teenager, Jay wavered between pursuing a career in architecture or engineering.  Ultimately he followed in his father’s footsteps to become the second licensed architect in his family; however, Jay still hangs on to the engineer’s analytical mindset, which has served him exceptionally well throughout his career.

Jay applies his understanding of buildings and materials not only to new construction, but also as a means to deconstruct existing conditions.  If water is somehow getting in to a building, Jay will not only find it, but he will figure out a way to make the strategic repairs necessary to stop it.

While Jay’s professional career has him battling to keep water out, his longtime hobby of freshwater fishing depends on a continuous flow of water.  His annual fishing trip to Canada is one of the highlights of Jay’s year, and has been a family tradition since he was a teenager.  When not at the drafting board (yes, Jay keeps an actual drafting board in his office) or on a fishing boat, Jay is active in many local activities, including serving on the boards of the Somerset Valley YMCA and the PeopleCare Center for Nonprofits.

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