Glenn Arbesfeld


The Multitasker

As a Project Manager, Glenn exhibits exceptional versatility.  He equally enjoys, and excels at, all aspects of the architectural process, from programming and design, to hands-on construction administration.  He is capable of simultaneously running large construction projects and small capital improvements or repair initiatives, without letting anything fall through the cracks.  For this, Glenn maintains a very loyal client base, as he understands that all projects require attention and that all clients need to be kept abreast of the happenings on their projects.  Always focused, Glenn has an innate ability to work through any challenges that may be thrown in his path to make sure that a project’s goals are met.  He’s a bulldog that people want to have in their corner.

Glenn’s creative expression is not limited to his design work.  After hours, Glenn serves as the DJ for an internet radio broadcast several times a week, and has moonlighted as a DJ on occasion.  He has played drums and percussion for over 30 years, occasionally showcasing his musical talents with fellow musicians.  Glenn is also a roller coaster enthusiast, having ridden on over 200 different coasters since his high school days.  The tenacity that Glenn exhibits at work is mirrored in his home life, as this die-hard Mets and Knicks fan still hasn’t given up hope for his teams.

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