SSP Architectural Group


The Standard in Modern Architectural Project Management

For nearly a century and a half, the talented and innovative architects at SSP have been setting the bar, not only in architectural design, but making great strides in the successful management of architectural projects of all types, across all industries.

One such leap forward in architectural project management is Flexible Project Methodology™, a process developed right here at our architectural firm in New Jersey.

“Because there are no straight lines to success”

Flexible Project Methodology or FPM for short, is the understanding that each project is unique, and that the achievement of specific project goals must be flexible when called for, and rigid when called for. The process of understanding and executing flexibility across a complex project with many moving parts, is exactly why FPM is critical to bringing a project across the finish line as effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible.

Not all lines are straight. Insist on FPM. Let us show you exactly how FPM can benefit your architectural project.