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What We Do

Our focus is on problem solving through design...
whether for education, non-profit, public agencies or public enterprises, the SSP mission is to add value to our clients' core business by positively impacting their environments.

  • Architect of Record Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facilities Master Planning
  • Bond Referendum Support
  • LEED® | Sustainable Design
  • Capital Project Planning
  • Additions | Renovations
  • New Facilities Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Post Occupancy Services
  • Energy | ESIP Planning and Consulting

What’s 1891?

In 1891, there were no Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore. Ellis Island had not yet opened for business, and the United States flag had 44 stars. And in 1891, the architecture firm in NJ that would become SSP Architects opened its doors...

As SSP celebrates our 128th year in operation, we pause to reflect back on our long heritage of providing excellent service and partnership to both public and private clients. From rehabilitation and renovation of older buildings to the design of new LEED-certified facilities, we understand that communication throughout the design and construction process remains a critical component of project success, much as it was when Peter C. Van Nuys founded the firm 1891.

Our longevity is a testament to our integrity in the areas of architectural design, project management, and construction administration; a reputation for delivering effective solutions to complex issues; and a long-standing commitment to practical and sustainable design.

We celebrate our 1891 heritage. We build upon our foundation of history and success, and we learn something new from each project we undertake. Our past helps build our future, allowing us to not only focus on the task at hand, but also to keep our eyes on the bigger picture.

Looking forward to our next 128 years, our leadership continues to embrace new ideas and technologies, while remaining true to the core values that have driven this architecture firm in NJ for the last century.


Who we Are

Our architecture firm in NJ continually strives to create great communities and buildings. Beginning with the notion that architecture is a tool to support our daily lives, whether working, learning, teaching, playing, or healing, SSP partners with our clients to develop appropriate solutions and meet each project’s unique objectives. The balance among traditional considerations such as budget and schedule, with other elements such as resource use implications, and occupant well-being and productivity, can only be achieved when the entire team is moving in the same direction.

We design for the real world. We welcome the challenge of working with a wide variety of stakeholders to understand the critical factors that define project success, while simultaneously navigating the regulatory landscape. We understand that our clients don’t take on projects just for the sake of taking them on; instead, they are integral pieces of a bigger vision. We not only deliver projects, but understand and embrace our clients’ visions and guiding principles.