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The energy in the design of your commercial office becomes a part of everything that is created there. Likewise, the wellbeing of your team members is deeply connected to both the environment in which they work and the quality of the work they produce.

For many professionals, the office is a home away from home. But at home, you want a happiness you can settle into. At work, you want to inspire happiness that propels people, inspires your workforce, and ultimately increases productivity and profits for your organization.

Look around your workplace. Does it spark that kind of wellbeing and productivity? At SSP Architects, we’re here to create that space in your office building.

Why Start a Commercial Office Design Project

As a business owner, you may have countless matters to handle every day. But improvement in your company’s commercial office design is one of the most important investments you can make in the future of your organization. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will start to see the difference it makes.

When we dig a little deeper, there are two main aspects of office building design and architecture that help achieve business results:

Building your identity.

Your business’s brand or voice is your way of resonating with people. It’s a main reason someone will choose to do business with you. Office building design and architecture play a big part in shaping your company’s culture and identity. This is as important for impressing clients and customers as it is for making the right impression on employees.

Commercial architecture conveys values, creates an environment distinct to your company, and can evoke elements of your industry. It’s a chance to put a unique, branded stamp – whether obvious or subtle – on your business’s home.

Cultivating productivity.

The majority of employees in the United States report that their working environment is not conducive to their wellbeing or productivity. Commercial architecture is a chance for you to stand out as an employer, with a space that’s optimal for employees to learn, focus, and collaborate.

Studies show that employees are most effective in offices that allow for both team collaboration and individual focus. At SSP, we’re experienced in designing offices to maximize productivity at the organization level and the employee level.

You may be surprised by how often intangible factors, like elevated moods among team members, begin with your office’s interior design and result in tangible outcomes for your business.

How it’s Done

Now that we know the value of commercial architecture projects, let’s take a look at how we accomplish them.

It’s more than aesthetics. An experienced architect will consider a number of factors during an office design project to create lasting success.


Don’t just light your office. Illuminate your organization.

Lighting can improve mood, clarity, and focus throughout our day. It’s effects on the brain can also help us sleep well at night. Quality sleep, in turn, elevates your team’s mood, clarity, and focus at work the following day. This cycle is essential to our wellbeing.

Nothing beats natural light. As experts in commercial office architecture, we know how to utilize sunlight when possible. When sunshine isn’t fully available, the color, luminosity, and direction of electric lighting all contribute to people’s wellbeing. If your employees spend a lot of time on screens, it’s even more vital to have refreshing lighting in your office building.


Balancing collaboration & focus. Open layouts are increasingly popular in people’s homes and in offices alike. The possibilities for heightened collaboration can create game-changing ideas that alter the future of your business. But so can moments of clear focus and concentration.

As commercial office building architects, our goal is to create team collaboration in harmony with individual focus. To do so, we’ll blend spaces like conference rooms, executive offices, open layouts, and employee workspaces in a way that is tailored to the unique nature of your business.

Color and Tone

Different colors have different effects. Blue and green can promote creativity, calm, and communication. Red can instill focus. Buildings with hard white walls, if too prominent, can have a sterilizing mental effect, promoting few if any cognitive benefits. If you’re used to seeing white walls all day, it could be time to paint.

There may be color considerations tied to your company’s image and brand, especially if your office building is very client- or customer-facing. Additionally, certain tones and materials can convey elements of your industry. SSP will consult with you on color choices that are best both for your company’s image and your employees’ performance.

Technology Integration

We can’t talk about modern office design projects without speaking of technology. Possibilities in this space are constantly evolving. They include enhanced abilities for presentation, communication, data sharing, project management, team collaboration, office security, and more.

Staying in tune with the most up-to-date technology of your industry is key to remaining successful and relevant in modern business. There’s no better way to do that than to integrate technology into office buildings and transform your work experience.

And More – Designing an Office that’s Uniquely Yours

These are just a few of the elements we’ll consider in the course of commercial office design services. The list goes on, including sanitation and cleanliness, and less obvious details such as air flow and filtration, electrical configuration, and more.

Many design items are specific to your industry and will arise as your company and SSP begin to collaborate.

Commercial Office Design Puts Your Company’s Future into Motion

New architecture and interior design of your commercial office is not just a project – it’s an investment with the power to generate greater wellbeing, productivity, and profits for decades to come.
No two companies are the same. Your commercial office space should be unique to your company.

That’s the value of tackling architecture projects with an experienced commercial office architect. At SSP, we’ll combine our expertise in commercial architecture with your intimate knowledge of your company, to create your ideal office space. We’re passionate about getting this right and turning your office building into a force that moves your business forward.

Reach out when you decide it’s time to invest in commercial architecture design work for your business. We look forward to discussing how we can create a work environment with amazing results for the future of your business. Contact SSP Architects today to put that future in motion.