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Commercial Building Design

Making the business case for design

True commercial building design takes place when architecture becomes part of your business’s unique value and character.

As a business owner, if you want your business to perform and grow at its greatest potential, then you have to consider factors that impact:

  • Appeal and accessibility for clients and customers.
  • Employee work flow.
  • Efficiency of operations.

Customers will support or reject a business based on aesthetic appeal and ease of access. Likewise, employees’ moods and abilities to collaborate directly correlate with productivity.

These factors connect to both your bottom line and your architectural design. The wrong commercial design can impede your business, but the right building design can motivate employees and patrons, add to your business’s energy and flow, and ultimately increase its success.

As a commercial building designer, it’s paramount for us to understand your needs as a client. Understanding the nature of your company, your project, and your business goals is a core value at SSP Architects. It’s this understanding that helps us in designing commercial buildings that create the best possible space to fit your needs and drive your business forward.

We’ve done this before.

Revitalizing the heart of town.

The needs of this commercial building design project were complex and called for a modern commercial building to compliment the recent revitalization of downtown Somerville, NJ. The structure includes stores, restaurants, apartments, parking, and office space; and it adds vibrancy to Somerville’s up-and-coming modern yet historic commercial district. We optimized design for the needs of our client, DeSapio Management, while meeting building codes, the needs of their future tenants, and harmony with its surroundings. In the end, SSP designed four modern commercial buildings with DeSapio, with a multitude of functions, that have become mainstays in the Somerville community and a part of DeSapio’s sustained success. Read more here.

A Home Run (or many) in Somerset.

TD Bank Ballpark, home of the Somerset Patriots, has twice been named the nation’s “Best Independent Minor League Ballpark.” SSP Architects designed the stadium to be a landmark and economic driver in Bridgewater, NJ and Somerset County. Since opening in June 1999, the stadium has drawn over 6 million fans, averaging 5,300 fans per game and 370,000 per season.

We’ll let the team take credit for those numbers, but we also know the stadium is an important part of the fans’ experience. Floor plans and passageways are key to the stadium’s overall operations. The layout of the stadium’s seating creates an intimate ground-level setting, a sense of community, and amplifies the energy of the game. Read more here.

Interiors that engender success (It’s what’s inside that counts).

Building design and re-design can energize the people in your workplace and move business forward. Our commercial building design projects with investment firm Harding Loevner LLC was both a reward of their success, and a means for perpetuating future growth.

First, we restyled the interior design of their home office to better capture their company spirit and make their workplace feel like home. When they continued to grow, they contacted SSP to design a new office space in another office complex. Balancing reuse of existing work areas with focused renovations for common areas and public spaces, SSP delivered form and function to engender business success.

Both of these spaces continue to be a major part of Harding Loevner LLC’s character and attraction to clients and employees alike. Read more here.

These are just a small sample of SSP’s designs of commercial buildings. See more of SSP Architects’ commercial design projects here.

And we can do it for you.

The goals of your business should inform the architecture of your workplace. This is what we’re passionate about, and we’d love to build something that drives the passion you have for your business.

Contact SSP to begin the conversation of how to transform your business through commercial architectural design.