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An Architect of Record (AOR) is the architecture firm that designs and prepares the construction documents from which the building is constructed. The architecture firm’s name appears on building permits for specific projects in which that architectural firm performed services.

But at SSP, we’re not satisfied with just having our name on your blueprints. Consider this quote by Henry Ford — “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

In that spirit, when we partner with you as your Commercial Architect of Record, we don’t give you cookie-cutter building orders. We work with you to take your project to its maximum potential, combining your vision with our design expertise to create a physical space more exceptional than either one of us could have imagined on our own.


Commercial Architect of Record Responsibilities

Being your Architect of Record has an additional set of responsibilities that our NJ architectural firm takes very seriously. When you partner with us on commercial architecture, some or all of the responsibilities below may apply to your project.

  • Assist in obtaining permits and approvals from required regulatory agencies.
  • Bid on services and advise in contractor selection for your commercial project.
  • Complete construction administration services, including on-site activities by field representatives.
  • Attend client board meetings monthly by the Principal or Associate to update planning and design timelines as well as construction schedules for the commercial site.

We have worked many times with NJ state and local agencies so we understand all the necessary documentation and processes to get permits you need to obtain your commercial project permits on time. Incomplete applications or failure to understand the permit process can result in delays and extra costs at the construction site. We won’t let that happen to you.

If you have questions regarding any of our Commercial Architect of Record services or any of our architectural services, we’re happy to discuss the specifics of your architectural project and needs.

Contact SSP Architects today to speak with an architect about our Commercial Architect of Record services. We’ll look out for you throughout your commercial building project, to make sure your facility is built on time, within budget, and up to expectations.