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Civic Architecture in New Jersey

Cornerstone of Community

When you enter into the construction of civic buildings and infrastructure, you become part of the story of your community. Works of civic architecture are pillars in governance, education, and public services like healthcare and transportation ー pillars that may stand for decades or even centuries. When called upon for such projects, civic architecture firms must consider which form, function, and design elements will best represent and serve your community for generations.

SSP Architects bring nearly a century and a half of experience to guide the process of civic architecture.

Civic architecture applies to buildings such as:

  • City & Town Halls
  • Schools
  • Care Facilities & Hospitals
  • Train Stations
  • Libraries
  • Public squares, plazas, and markets
  • Bridges and other infrastructure
  • Police, Fire, and EMS stations

These are important features. Since civic architectural spaces are built to endure changing times, they are major investments in the future.

SSP’s Experience Stands the Test of Time

Since 1891, SSP Architects have been helping citizens design important elements of their communities in New Jersey. We’ve designed schools, community wellness centers, and one of New Jersey’s most iconic public stadiums, the home of the Somerset Patriots baseball team.

You should consult the services of an experienced and reputable civic architecture firm when constructing spaces to serve your community, across generations of its citizens

The SSP Approach

SSP design teams will adapt to meet the architectural needs of any particular building or project. If you look at our portfolio of projects, you’ll see that our buildings represent a variety of forms and features. What’s consistent is the thought, quality, and experience that goes into our work.

SSP Architects are well versed in civic styles. When creating spaces that are conducive to educators, care providers, governments, commerce, transportation, and more, we’ll consider architectural design aspects like:

  • Technology Integrations
  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Sustainability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Character
  • And more


We’d love to talk about your project ー to learn about the architectural design your community needs, and to provide perspective on how civic architecture can accomplish your goals. Let’s discover how we can best create long term value in your community.

Contact SSP Architects using the form below today to discuss how we can make a new work of civic architecture a reality for your community.