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SSP Architects has nearly a century and a half of architectural experience. There is little we haven’t seen and our NJ architectural firm has been at the forefront of commercial architecture advancements across numerous industries.

Our architects have a time-tested, proven, and professionally honed set of skills evolved from our humble beginnings in 1891.

When it comes to architecture consulting, you could not be in better hands. Our team of expert architects, designers, sustainability specialists, and support teams are specifically trained to assess goals and align them with architectural best practices, in order to provide the best possible outcome of every architectural project we are involved in.

Do you have a project that requires a level of architectural expertise not easily found?

You’re in the right place. Discuss your project and needs with our NJ based architects and architectural consultants, and let’s see if we can help get you to the outcome you desire.

Specialized Architectural Consulting Services

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How Our Team of Architects Can Help You Get Back to Business

Commercial, Civic, and educational organizations are now facing challenges never before faced as they bring staffers, students, vendors, and visitors back into the workplace.

Social distancing and increased hygiene practices are often difficult to create within spaces that were never designed for such things.  Creating and enforcing rules and putting viable (and reasonable) processes in place is critical to creating peace-of-mind and a safe and healthy environment.

The architects at SSP provide “Return to Service” Consulting and design services, specifically developed to help businesses of all types, public and private sectors, get back to doing the things they need to do in the environment in which it needs to be done.

  • Establish a collaborative team of district personnel and stakeholders to create, implement and review action plans around system preparedness
  • Assist with grant and funding opportunities for recovery.
  • Implement healthy hygiene practices.
  • Intensify cleaning, disinfection, sanitizing, and ventilation; Install Handwashing stations.
  • Establish Protective Equipment Guidelines.
  • Update policies and procedures.
  • Improve Physical Environment.
  • Enhance indoor air purification/filtration.
  • Implement social distancing.
  • Increased spacing; Small groups and limited mixing between groups.
  • Implement Procedures for students or employees who become ill.
  • Interface with construction contracting.
  • Monitor contractor/vendor health and reported cases.
  • Effective social distancing will require districts to “rethink the floor plan”.
  • Creating separation, even dividers, between desks and workspaces.
  • Making use of non-instructional space for classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, conference rooms, lobbies, etc. into instructional or work-friendly space, since the use of these spaces for a large group may be discouraged.
  • One-way circulation in hallways, where possible.
  • Lunch in classrooms and workspaces.
  • Making sure there are individual cubbies or lockers, or ways to store personal belongings in a separated manner.
  • From a disease control standpoint, turning all individuals to face the same direction.
  • Controlling access to visitors.

Our team of architects, designers, and support staff is here to help you get back to business in a safe and reasonable manner.