SSP Architectural Group


An Architect of Record (AOR) is the architecture firm whose name appears on building permits for specific projects in which that architectural firm performed services.

Being Architect of Record has an additional set of responsibilities that our NJ architectural firm takes very seriously.  Whether you’re a school, civil, or commercial architecture client, some or all of the responsibilities below will apply to your architecture project.

  • We establish familiarity with District, through on-site review of facilities, educational priorities, and District enrollment projections.
  • Our team will meet with the District to affirm current prioritization of facilities’ construction needs.
  • Our architects and support staff conduct facilities planning activities to incorporate facilities review and amend LRFP in preparation for projects.
  • Energy Management project planning, including administration of Local Government Energy Audit (LGEA), Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) project development, and NJ Clean Energy Program grant applications and approvals.
  • Prepare grant funding applications and all supporting design documentation.
  • LRFP amendment and maintenance for submission to NJ DOE and NJSDA.
  • Project applications to NJ DOE and NJSDA.
  • Referendum planning including project development, DOE submissions, and communication activities.
  • Project design and management.
  • Obtain permits and approvals from required regulatory agencies.
  • Bidding services and advise in contractor selection.
  • Complete construction administration services, including on-site activities by field representatives.
  • Board meeting attendance by Principal or Associate to update planning/ design timelines and construction schedules of all projects on a monthly basis.

If you have questions regarding any of our Architect of Record services or any of our architectural services, we’re happy to discuss the specifics of your architectural project and needs.