SSP Architectural Group

Our Approach as Community Architects

Great Communities

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."
Put simply, we endeavor to create great communities.

We do that by designing spaces that enhance the communities they serve. Whether it’s a school, a neighborhood, a corporate office, or university campus, that community is influenced by the architecture around it.

For SSP, it’s more than just a building project. As community architects, the buildings and spaces we design are part of a bigger story. Within our buildings, we see the struggling student who finally “gets it” because the building provides a real life example; we see the improved productivity (and perhaps that breakthrough discovery) that comes from a well-developed, individualized space plan; we see the difference a comfortable “home-style” facility can have over a cold institution as a caregiver comforts a loved one; and we see the future thinkers and producers of the world as they develop new skills and refine their expertise in state-of-the-art learning facilities.
How can we help your community of learners... of workers... of families achieve greatness?


"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much"
Great design does not happen in isolation.

It’s the result of a dedicated, collaborative partnership between the client and the design team. We seek to foster those relationships over time and to add value to our clients’ core business.

We start with a series of meetings to articulate the project goals and define the measures of success, which then become key drivers through the design and construction of the project. From there, we deliver the solution through a cooperative, knowledge-based process, which promotes creativity, values strategic planning, and demands the highest level of quality.

To bring our designs to life, we also nurture a culture of cooperation and collaboration among our employees and with the consultants, contractors, vendors and regulatory officials involved. We know that countless individual decisions go into every building project, and as community architects, it is our responsibility to make sure each team member is committed and every decision is consistent with the client’s vision.
How can we help you realize your goals?

Designing for the Real World

"[We’re] all about high standards and high expectations, but [we’re] also about practicality and reality."
A building or a space can provide a sense of wonder as well as a sense of security and comfort. Beautiful design can be achieved even while facing the everyday issues of cost, time and limited material resources, because we realize these restrictions are not roadblocks; they are stepping stones to better design.

We measure success in terms of client satisfaction, including the expectation that projects are delivered on budget and on schedule. We adhere to the time constraints and manage the budget like it is our own.

Our designs are practical and cost-effective to build. Contractors appreciate our drawings because they allow jobs to flow smoothly, and when on-site challenges or questions arise on site, they know our community architects will be responsive and open to finding a useful solution that still achieves the client’s desired results.
What challenges can we tackle for you today?